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" We are an outstanding college that is dedicated to sound therapy learning and its advancement "

The Australian College of Sound Therapy provides comprehensive training courses for individuals and practitioners in the medical and allied health fields . The popularity of our courses is fostered by a strong interest in the community for the use of sound for therapy and wellbeing. At the college we principally teach the Kyela Sound Therapy TM modality. We are passionate about sound as a therapy and offer mixed learning and online certified courses.

Miranda Munro, Founder​ & Principal
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At the Australian College of Sound Therapy, we offer online and face to face training and a mixture of both. You will find a platform that will work for your lifestyle and schedules.

Certified Teachers

We have an experienced team of trainers and mentors for you to select to work with.

Comprehensive Training

Our trainings are comprehensive in the range of subjects covered to widen your understanding to give you a working knowledge of why and how sound therapy works. Our courses are the  perfect marriage between science and metaphysics


All the courses are certified by the ACST and accredited by IICT and EHA and are eligible for insurance.


Our trainings are interactive and personal. You’ll have private interaction with your trainer to ensure you receive full practical understanding of the course material.

Trending Courses

If you are looking to complement your existing skill base or a looking for a rewarding career in one of the fastest growing areas in alternate medicine, then our contemporary courses are for you.


Kyela Sound therapy is a unique method that has profound and lasting benefits for clients. It is only taught at the Australian College of Sound Therapy.

"Miranda and her team at the ACST are extraordinary practitioners and teachers who provide comprehensive theoretical and practical training in sound therapy in a naturally beautiful and peaceful environment. They are highly skilled individuals who are inclusive, understanding and compassionate, and teach by example. The experience is transformative. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Thank you Miranda and team for sharing your extraordinary gifts."


"Sound therapy is constantly growing in popularity and demand, and for anyone considering  taking this journey,  I whole heartedly recommend the Australian College of Sound Therapy as the perfect place to study and gain your certification."

Daryl Jones

"I love my job as a Sound Therapist and being able to help others on their healing journey."


"A great addition to my yoga practice introducing my students to relaxation and meditation with sound. Thank you for being our awesome talented intuitive teachers"


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Sonic Chakra Alignment


Kyela Sound Therapy


Group Sound Facilitator


Kyela Sound Therapy

Why Sound Therapy

Energy is the foundation for all existence

Understanding Energy

No matter can exist without vibration. Energy is everything because everything is made from energy. Energy is omnipotent, it is in everything physical and resides in all matter and in the nonphysical anti-matter.

Scientific Research

Supported by scientific research, the basic principle of sound healing works on the fact that all matter is energy that is eternal and in a constant state of vibration, or resonance. There is significant research in modern-day physics, and in particular, quantum physics, that shows that we are vibrational beings.

Balancing Frequency

Every cell in our body and every thought and emotion carries a frequency.  These make up what is our overall or resonate frequency. This is changeable and dependant on what we think, feel, eat, and do. Because these things are not always of a high vibration our resonate frequency will drop which opens us to disease. Sound can be used to correct the low frequency and assist in bringing one back into balance.

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