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“ At the ACST we train our students to be highly proficient, knowledgeable, understanding, and compassionate therapists.”

The College offers live and online training and a mixture of both. There is sure to be a platform that will work for you. We are adamant about keeping our trainings personal and interactive for whatever method of learning you may choose. The online consists of home study modules combined with personal Zoom meetings and a mentoring service anytime you need all included. While the live trainings are held in Perth, Western Australia throughout the year.


A few words about our world class modality

Kyela Sound Therapy is a unique, non-invasive, and profound therapy that considers each person’s specific energetic signature.  Our aim is to diagnose, and with the use of sound frequencies, release the energetic blockages that prevent a person from manifesting the life or health that they would like.

We work in the client’s bio-field and with their energetic system using Himalayan singing bowls, tuned pipes and tuning forks, all tuned to specific frequencies that work synergistically together to “tune mind body and spirit” and assist with restoring balance and harmony. The therapy has the added benefit of leaving the client calm and relaxed.

By being able to diagnose the client’s energetic field we can offer a synopsis of information that empowers them to understand how and why they got where they were and how to keep their frequency up so as to move forward easily. This, we believe, is what makes the modality stand alone in its efficacy.

As Kyela Sound Therapists we consider ourselves not healers but rather “the facilitators of the movement of energy using sound, and the client is the healer” At the ACST we train our students to be highly proficient, knowledgeable, understanding, and compassionate therapists.

Founder & Principal

Miranda Munro has been a consciousness facilitator and complementary therapist for 40 years. She created Kyela Sound Therapy as a modality 11 years ago and has been practicing and teaching ever since. Miranda has been instrumental in promoting sound therapy in the Perth region. She founded The Australian College of Sound Therapy in 2015 and has trained many people from around Australia and overseas. The College has an established team of experienced facilitators and mentors.

Australian College of Sound Therapy Miranda Munro

Miranda Munro

Our Teachers

We have an experienced team of trainers and mentors for you to select and work with.


DANIELLE SMITHAM Kyela Sound Therapist 2
Danielle is a dedicated and exceptional Kyela Sound Therapist who is a focused, patient, and nurturing trainer.
SUSIE WHITELAW Kyela Sound Therapist 1.1
Susie is a sensitive and gentle teacher, who is patient and compassionate and is dedicated in helping you reach your potential.
GURDEEP REMI Kyela Sound Therapist
Gurdeep is an extremely focused teacher, who is a very experienced practitioner of Kyela Sound Therapy. He is very centred and calm.
KYLIE HOLDEM Kyela Sound Therapist
Kylie Holdem
Kylie is a talented and dynamic teacher who is very upbeat, engaged, and open. She is also a wonderful and compassionate therapist.

"... I highly commend their professional approach and the quality and therapeutic benefits of their presentations. "

Patricia Hamilton, CEO Conscious Living

"Normally I cannot lay flat on my back, because of spasms, but the sounds of the Tibetan bowls just relaxed my body and mind. I was able to lay without any spasms. Just amazing, it really works"


"The workshop was well presented and well-resourced. Staff and volunteer feedback was very positive in terms of the relaxation techniques demonstrated.”


Ged Hines Manager, Community Care Lifespan Services

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